Purchasing Contacts

Scam Alert
Hillsborough County is warning businesses to be aware of a scam in which fraudulent emails are being sent to vendors using a signature block that appears to be from Hillsborough County Procurement Services. Read more.
Name Title Telephone Email
Main Line
(813) 272-5790 Email Procurement
Main Fax
(813) 272-6290

iSupplier Customer Service


Email iSupplier
Scott Stromer Director of Procurement (813) 301-7095 Email Scott
Janet Fimbel Administrative Assistant (813) 274-6879 Email Janet
Allie O'Connor, J.D., MM, CPPO, CPPB Managing Director (813) 301-7087 Email Allie
Elizabeth Roman Administrative Assistant (813) 301-7080 Email Elizabeth
Amy Rench Supplier Engagement Coordinator (813) 301-7081 Email Amy
Lizbell Benitez Administrative Specialist  (813) 301-7169 Email Lizbell
Gwen Sevaaetasi Administrative Specialist (813) 301-7067 Email Gwen
Sofie Tanner Administrative Specialist (813) 301-7094 Email Sofie
John Hollingshead, CPPB, FCPM Chief Procurement Operations Coordinator (813) 301-7099 Email John
Sybil Tucker Chief Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7085 Email Sybil
Felipe Alvarez Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7076 Email Felipe
Mark Kriz Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7069 Email Mark
Jacinta (JC) Pinckney Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7011 Email Jacinta
Thomas (Tom) Supeau Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7072 Email Tom
Angel Concepcion, CPPB Procurement Operations Coordinator (813) 274-6819 Email Angel
Rodney Brown, MPA Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 276-2544 Email Rodney
Ryan Harrah Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 663-3245 Email Ryan
Lisa Leavitt Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 663-3218 Email Lisa
Janice Matthews, M.Sc.IT Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7084 Email Janice
Connie McGregor Senior Procurement Analyst (813)277-1638 Email Connie
Steven Thurston, CPPM Senior Procurement Analyst  (813) 663-3213 Email Steven
Daria Dixon Procurement Operations Coordinator (813) 301-7060 Email Daria
Brett Bangert, CPPB Chief Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7088 Email Brett
Luigi (Lou) DiMuccio, MBA Senior Procurement Analyst  (813) 301-7097 Email Lou 
Tracy Edwards Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7090 Email Tracy
Linda Wheat, CPPB, CPCP Chief Procurement Operations Coordinator (813) 301-7078 Email Linda
Israel (Izzy) Segarra Chief Procurement Analyst (813) 272-5636 Emai Izzy
Angeli Baker  Senior Procurement Analyst  (813) 301-7089 Email Angeli 
Rebecca (Becky) O'Brien, CPM, CPPB Senior Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7066 Email Rebecca
Maria Bustamante Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7007 Email Maria
Anela Saday Procurement Analyst (813) 301-7086 Email Anela
Mike Farr Procurement Performance & Business Manager (813) 274-6878 Email Mike
Anne Hollins, MBA Functional Procurement Applications Coordinator (813) 274-6881 Email Anne
Erik Shelfer Purchasing Card Administrator (813) 274-6883 Email Erik
Ana Roman Senior Business Analyst (813) 301-7075 Email Ana
Andre Hayes Project Coordinator   (813) 301-7071   Email Andre 
Kelly Trnka-Stone  Project Coordinator   (813) 301-7064 Email Kelly