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Applications for the FY 18- FY 19 award cycle are closed

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The purpose of the Tourist Development Tax (TDT) is to increase the utilization of lodging rooms and to increase the room revenues and the related tax on such rentals. The events and projects selected for TDT funding are those that successfully generate lodging room overnight stays that increase the local tax receipts to the County. Local TDT receipts collected by the County are used to leverage greater out-of-market visitation and repeat visits from people who stay overnight in Hillsborough County to enjoy the venues and events.


  • Only governmental and non-profit organizations can apply for a TDT award, unless otherwise specified
  • Non–profit organizations must hold a valid 501 (c) status to receive funding
  • Unless otherwise specified, projects must fit into one of the following categories:
    • Visitor Experience (VE) Program
    • Festivals and Events (Festival) Program
    • Out-of-Area Marketing Co-Operative (Co-op) Program
For a detailed listing of eligibility criteria, please download the Tourist Development Guidebook.


  • Optimize advertising and promotion efforts
  • Broaden the range and effectiveness of destination marketing efforts
  • Promote the destination, events and festivals
  • Generate additional overnight stays

Things To Consider

  • Use of tourist development tax (TDT) funding by recipient agencies is limited to expenses eligible under:
    • The TDC Out-of-Area Marketing Co-operative
      • supporting media advertising and associated production, production and distribution of tourism promotion materials
    • Visitor Experience (VE) Program
    • Sponsorship support for its Festivals and Events (“Festival”) Program
    • Operations of the:
      • Tampa Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)
      • Tampa Convention Center (TCC)
      • TDC-designated Visitor Information Centers
    • Exceptions must be expressly authorized by agreement or interlocal agreement
  • The scope of the proposed project must include
    • The description of the project
    • How TDT funding would be used
    • How other funding sources would match the TDT award
    • The total budget for the event or program, and other details
  • The details should include a good estimate of the number of overnight stays (or room nights) in lodging properties which will be directly generated by the event
    • Complimentary room nights should be identified, but not counted in the overall contribution
  • Completed applications that are not delivered by the deadline will be considered LATE and not eligible for consideration
  • A public notice is issued about the availability of the TDT funding application in November of even-numbered years (biennially)

How To

  1. Contact Department staff at (813) 276-2737 to discuss the organization's proposed project, event or initiative
    • If all parties are in agreement, proceed to step 2
  2. Complete all parts of the application
  3. Submit the completed application by the deadline (TBD)
    • We will not accept late applications
    • We will not consider partial applications
  4. Deliver either in person or by mail to:

What's Next

The Tourist Development Council will evaluate applications for FY18 - FY 19, select projects and make recommendations by April and forward to the Board of County Commissioners by May. Information and application for the FY 20 - FY 21 award cycle will be made available as soon as details are finalized.

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