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If you want to care for children who are unrelated to you in your home, you will need to get a Family Child Care Home license.


  • No one in your household has pleaded guilty, nolo contendere, or was found guilty of disqualifying offenses
  • Everyone in the household 13 and older must pass a background check
    • 18 and older includes a Clearinghouse screening and a Child Abuse record search
    • 13 - 17 includes a juvenile delinquency records check
  • You must complete the following
    • a first aid class or an infant/CPR class
    • 30-hour Family Child Care course
    • Fire Extinguisher training
  • Your home must have the following
    • a fenced outside area with a minimum of 500 square feet and a minimum of 4 foot high fence
    • sufficient toys and equipment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and after-schoolers
    • clean, safe, and sanitary conditions that are in good repair
    • a satisfactory fire inspection
  • If your home has a pool, spa, or water hazards, they must be fenced, enclosed, and/or locked with a 4 foot or taller barrier, and additional training and equipment are required
  • If you have well water, you will need a Family Child Care Home well water permit from the Health Department
    • Call (813) 307-8059
    • Cost of an initial well water permit is $125, with $65 annual renewal fee, plus the cost of quarterly well water testing


  • Nonrefundable license pre-application fee: $40
  • Fees for background checks, first-aid, CPR and Family Child Care courses vary


How To

  1. Fill out and complete the pre-application
  2. Send it with the $40 non-refundable check to:
    Child Care Licensing Office
    3152 Clay Mangum Lane
    Tampa, FL 33618

What's Next

  1. We will contact you by mail to register you for the for the next available consultation class
  2. At this class, you will receive all the information you need to get a family child care home license
    • Classes are usually held one Tuesday of each month from 8:30 AM to 1 PM
    • Spanish consultation classes are available every other month, also on a Tuesday
  3. Once the background screening is complete, you can schedule an initial inspection
    • Potential licensees can contact the Senior Family Child Care Home Licensing Inspector at (813) 264-3925, ext. 53563 to schedule an appointment
  4. We will issue the license after the successful completion of the entire process
    • You should receive it within seven to 10 working days

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