Child Care Background Screenings

Complete background screening are required for all employees of child care facilities prior to employment. It is the responsibility of the child care facility to make sure all employees are cleared to work in child care once the background screening is received.

See requirements below:

Family Child Care Homes 

All family child care providers and household members must have a complete background screening, including a child abuse history report prior to licensing. Also, all substitutes screening must also be complete. Find a substitute screening packet below.

Background Screening Packet (General)

Background Screening Packet for Substitutes


Any volunteer working more than 10 hours per month in any family child care home or child care center must have a complete background screening before that work can begin. There is also additional paperwork required by the volunteer and the provider.

We Can Help

Proper background screenings are a part of the Childcare Licensing Consultation Classes. Check out the Florida Department of Children and Families website for additional information on background screening.


For more information please contact Child Care Licensing at (813) 264-3925.