Regulated Business Activities

The Regulatory Compliance Office is responsible for the registration, licensing, and oversight of certain regulated business activities in accordance with Hillsborough County Code of Ordinances and Laws. In addition, the office enforces numerous other County orders, codes, and ordinances. Investigators work with citizens, citizen groups, and other County and state organizations in order to promote public safety and eliminate conditions that threaten the life, health, safety, and general welfare of residents. Many ordinances are effective and enforced throughout Hillsborough County (including the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City).

  • Pain Management Clinics

    Ordinance 10-8E

    • Pain management clinics are required to undergo a licensing process and submit fingerprints of all clinic employees to continue operating.
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  • Gas Pumping Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

    Ordinance 11-23

    • Hillsborough County implements Federal and State of Florida ADA’s directives by requiring that all gas station retailers provide refueling assistance upon the request of a customer with a disability, provided there is more than one attendant on duty at the station.
    • Gas station retailers are required to prominently display on each pump a sign, decal or sticker that is blue, at least 15 square inches, contains the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) and the words “Call for Assistance” or “Assistance Available upon Request” with a telephone number that dials the retailer.
    • Gas Pumping Informational flyer  
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  • Locksmith Services Businesses

    Ordinance 13-29

    • Locksmith services businesses are required to undergo a licensing process and submit fingerprints of all employees to continue operating.
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  • Vehicles for Hire

    Ordinance 17-22

    • Hillsborough County has established minimum standards of service and consumer protections regarding vehicle for hire companies in Hillsborough County.
    • Vehicles for hire include taxicabs, limousines, handicabs, and vans.
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  • Trespass Towing, Immobilization and Rates

    Ordinance 17-34

    • Hillsborough County has standards of service and consumer protection requirements regarding towing and wrecker companies in Hillsborough County.
    • There are maximum rates that can be charged for non-consensual and trespass tows.
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  • Human Trafficking Awareness Signage

    Ordinance 16-4

    • Human trafficking public awareness signage is required to be publicly displayed in adult entertainment establishments and businesses that offers massage or bodywork services not owned by a health care profession.
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