Industrial Pretreatment & Grease Management

Hillsborough County Public Utilities has multiple programs aimed at protecting its wastewater treatment plants and the wastewater collection system.

Industrial Pretreatment Program

This program issues permits to commercial and industrial businesses in order to control the amount of regulated pollutants discharged to the wastewater collection.


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Grease Management  and Hauler Registration Programs

This program conducts scheduled and unannounced inspections at non-permitted facilities (i.e. food service establishments, automotive repair and maintenance garages, car wash facilities, and commercial laundries) and registers entities to pump or haul grease interceptor or trap wastes within Hillsborough County. These programs are designed to monitor and control the discharge of fats, oils and grease within the county.

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  • Industrial pretreatment program - (813) 272-5977 ext. 43382
  • Grease management program - (813) 272-5977 ext. 43515
  • Grease hauler program - (813) 272-5977 ext. 43269