Commercial Recycling

The broad aim of the commercial recycling program in unincorporated Hillsborough County is to increase awareness and understanding of waste-reduction principles and practices in the business sector of the community. Most multifamily residential developments are established as commercial solid waste accounts and are therefore treated as commercial businesses in regards to establishing recycling service.

How To

Businesses may request recycling collection services by calling one of the companies listed in the Directory of Recycling and Multi-Family Developments Service Providers. The county’s Solid Waste Management Division does not provide recycling containers or collection service for commercial recycling.


For more information about starting a recycling program at your business or multi-family property, or to request a free commercial recycling site assessment, email Travis Barnes, the Hillsborough County Recycling Coordinator or call him at (813) 209-3085, or email Daniel Gallagher, the Hillsborough County Recycling Specialist or call him at (813) 221-6549.