Apply for a Site & Subdivision Intake Review

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Before you can start developing land for a site or subdivision, you must go through the site intake process, where we will review your project.


  • We will determine fees during the pre-submittal conference and/or during the intake review

Things To Consider

  • Although it is not mandatory, we highly suggest you go through a Pre-submittal Conference before submitting this application so that you will know all of the requirements for the reviews that will apply for your project
  • We will review for the following:
    • Commercial site plans
    • Zoning
    • Natural resource specifications
    • New subdivision plats
    • Off-site roadway improvements
    • Off-site water
    • Sewer improvements
    • Stormwater requirements
  • You can’t pull permits or commence construction until after we complete the review process and approve your project
  • Check the resources section for a list of forms you may need for site intake

What's Next

  1. Call (813) 307-4583 to schedule your initial submittal
    • We will assign a project manager who will process and follow the project from beginning to end
    • You will need to submit the application, plans and all forms to the Project Manager via thumb drive, using the electronic submittal process
      • You will also need to provide hard plan sets
      • See the electronic submittal process to determine the number of hard copies you will need
    • The Project Manager will assign a project ID #, which you will need to track the status of the project
  2. We will calculate your fees during your initial submittal meeting
    • Payment for all fees is due at this time

Get Help

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