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If your property is in an unincorporated area and doesn’t front on a publicly owned and maintained road right-of-way, we require you to provide, or obtain, an easement from a County owned and maintained right-of-way to your lot or tract of land.


  • Easement access review - $100

Things To Consider

  • Before we will issue any permits:
    • All easements must be recorded in the Clerk’s Office
    • You must provide a copy of the easement access agreement (approval letter)to the Building Department
    • Your lot or parcel has a recorded easement of 15 feet recorded prior to July 11, 1986
      • This ensures that the easement legally connects the lot or parcel to a County owned and maintained road right-of-way
      • We will allow the 15 feet for an easement, as recorded
  • You will also need an easement access review if:
    • Your lot or parcel fronts on a County owned, but not maintained road right-of-way
      • This ensures sufficient ingress and egress for fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles

How To

  1. Download the application
  2. Submit your completed package:
    • By Email
      • Email submittals are preferred
    • By regular mail or in person to:
      • Site Intake – Development Services
        601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 19th Floor
        Tampa, FL 33602
  3. Incomplete submittals will be rejected

What's Next

  • If there are no problems with your application, we will render a decision within 20 working days after you filed it
    • If denied, you can appeal this to the Board of County Commissioners
    • You must file your appeal with the Development Services Department within 30 days of our decision

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