Construction Backflow Assembly

The applicant must designate their temporary construction water source for each Service Request (SR#) within the Utility Service Area.

i) New SR# electing to participating in Flat Rate Construction Backflow Assembly Program

(a) The Utility will provide a technical drawing for the RPZ (Exhibit No. W-1F)
(b) Engineer of Record (EOR) will provide the following information Development Services/ Site
Engineering Review (George Goodwin)

(i) Construction plans with construction backflow point of connection
(ii) Pipe diameter summary on the attached (Exhibit No. W-1G)
(iii) Size of backflow they will install (6” or 8”)
(iv) Applicant will pay the Utility a one-time charge for temporary water use (The payment can
be combined with your Water, Sewer and/or RCLM wet tap request)

ii) Once the Development Services Department notifies the applicant/EOR that construction plans for the project are approved:

1. Applicant can email their request to: Public Utilities
b. Include the SR# / Project Name
c. Provide the Backflow Permit #(BFL), as issued by Development Services, Building & Construction &
Permits Section
d. Contact name and daytime #
e. Backflow size (6” or 8”) and certified backflow # to be installed
f. Include additional taps (Water, Sewer and/or RCLM)
g. Department of Health Permit #

2. Utility Service Availability staff will process within 3-Business Days:

a. Staff will email the cost and account information to applicant

3. Applicant will pay all tapping fees and the on-time charge for temporary water use. (Northwest or
Brandon Support Operations Complex)

a. Staff will process the payment

4. Utility Service Availability staff will issue the appropriate work orders

a. Tap field activities (WA=INSTTAP, WW=WWWETTAP)
b. BACKFLOW INSPECTION field activity

5. Cont the Building & Construction Permit Section at (813)272-5600 to schedule your Backflow

6. Once the Department of Health and BOCC acceptance are received:

a. EOR/Developer will remove the RPZ

7. The Engineer of Record for the Development shall submit with their final acceptance package for
the SR#/Project, a letter certifying that the backflow was properly removed.