Electronic Submittal Process for Site Development Plans

For questions regarding the electronic submittal process, please call (813) 307- 4583

Getting started

  • Format your flash drive
    • Download Formatting Files zip file to your computer and save as a template for future plan submittals
      • The zip file contains several different folders needed for different types of submittals
      • Depending on your type of application, you will use different folders and forms as appropriate
    • Upload the appropriate folders and files onto the flash drive
      • You can fill out the forms, which are in PDF format, electronically
      • Save the file after you have completed filling out the forms
      • Empty folders are intentional placeholders to help you identify where to provide certain types of information, such as your site plans
      • Use the file name standards listed in the Standard File Names when naming your documents
    • Provide sets of hard plan sets for outside reviewing agencies. (See below for number of sets).

    Electronic File requirements:

    • Set Site Plans to print to 24” x 36”
    • Preferred software is a CAD file, which can be converted to PDF file
    • Set plans to 200 dots per inch (DPI) if scanned to Adobe
    • 8 ½ x 11 sheets should be 400 DPI in black & white
    • Hard Copies and backup:

    Depending on your application requirements, you need to provide the following number of plan sets:

    • Preliminary Plat - 3 sets
    • Subdivision Construction* -  3 sets
    • Final Plat 4 sets
    • Platted No Improvements - 4 sets
    • Certified Parcel - 2 sets
    • Minor Site* - 3 sets
    • Preliminary Site - 3 sets
    • Site Construction* - 3 sets
    • Straight to Construction* - 3 sets
    • Minor Wall - 2 sets
    • Utilities Only - 2 sets
    • Easement Access - 2 sets
    • Minor Subdivision* - 4 sets

    * Add 2 additional plan sets if off-site improvements are included

    We also require one complete set of all applicable supporting documentation

    Initial Submittal Process

    • The assigned Project Manager will schedule an appointment for your Initial submittals
    • Use the ID # when requesting status updates
    • You can also track the status at the PGM Store:
      • Log in
      • Select the “SS Plan Submittal View” option
      • Enter your project ID # in the “Tracking #”
    • The Project Manager will calculate your fees
    • You will go to the lobby to wait for the cashier to call your ticket
    • The cashier will process your payment