Hydrant Meters for Temporary Construction


A temporary meter may be installed on a county-accepted fire hydrant for temporary use.

How to apply

To apply for a hydrant meter, complete the Temporary Hydrant Meter Service Application, select your end date and email the Water Resources department.

Prior to applying, please note the following:

  • You must locate the fire hydrant closest to your project/site that, when in use, will not impede the flow of traffic (e.g., hoses/pipe connections cannot cross a road)
  • You must have the badge number information from the desired hydrant
    • The information is found on a metal hydrant badge (Example: I-002049)
    • If no badge, provide location (Example:Northwest corner of Big Bend & US Hwy 41)
  • You must submit a discontinue date with your application
  • Once installed, hydrant meters can't be moved
  • If extension of use is needed the applicant must email their request 10-business days prior to the “end date” on the application to avoid delays and additional fees
    • If the meter is missing, the applicant is responsible for a $620 missing meter fee plus estimated use from the last read
    • All charge must be paid before the utility will complete a new or relocation request
  • Service availability staff will contact you to obtain payment for your hydrant meter request
    • Refer to application
  • You will receive a monthly bill for potable water use at each hydrant location


The hydrant meter fee is $845. The breakdown of the fee is as follows:

Deposit $650
Meter installation $170
Account setup fee $25

Meter removal

Your meter will be removed based on the information on your application.

If the date changes, the applicant must email the Water Resources department the following information:

  • Subject: Hydrant meter removal - Address of current hydrant meter
  • Account number - may be found on your utility bill
  • Daytime contact name and telephone number