Construction Fraud FAQs

What could happen if I hire an unlicensed contractor?

  • We will not hold you responsible if you unknowingly hire an unlicensed contractor
  • If you knowingly hire an unlicensed contractor, you could be charged with aiding and abetting as well as assessed a fine of up to $500
  • If you have a problem with the work done by the unlicensed individual, there is little that the County or State can do to help you

What are the penalties for working without a license?

If a contractor is caught working without a license they can receive the following penalties
  • Fine of up to $2000 per violation
  • Arrested and charged with acting as a contractor without being properly licensed

Where can I get my contractor license and what trades require one?

Check out our Contractor licensing section for requirements for licensing in Hillsborough County and reciprocation with other counties.

What is a business tax receipt?

Business Tax Receipts, formerly known as Occupational Licenses, are issued by the Tax Collector's Office. These are not the same thing as a contractor's license.