Schedule an Inspection


Schedule your inspections via text message!

HillsGovHub now allows for the scheduling, rescheduling and cancellation of inspections using text messages from your phone. Inspection results may also be requested via text. See full instructions for text inspection requests in our user guide or find your inspection code.

When you get a permit from the Building & Construction office, you are required to have one or more inspections.

How to request an inspection

If you make your inspection requests by 11:59 p.m., we will post it to the inspection calendar for the following day, or on the date you specified. For applications submitted through HillsGovHub, inspections can be scheduled directly through the portal or via text message.

Schedule an Inspection in HillsGovHub Schedule an Inspection via Text


A re-inspection is required when permitted work fails to pass inspection. A failed inspection may be subject to a $77 re-inspection fee.



For further assistance with inspection requests, call (813) 641-6970. You can also contact your inspector.