Schedule an Inspection

When you get a permit from the Building & Construction office, you are required to have one or more inspections.

How to request an inspection

If you are a registered user for the online permitting system, you can schedule your inspections through the site. You can also use our Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). If you make your inspection requests by 7 p.m., we will post it to the inspection calendar for the following day, or on the date you specified.

  • IVRS – use any of the three following phone numbers, regardless of the inspection type:
    • (813) 272-5613
    • (813) 272-5618
    • (813) 272-5639
  • Canceling or rescheduling inspections
    • Call one of the IVRS phone numbers or go online
    • Same day cancellations are not possible via IVRS or online; must contact staff directly
    • Can cancel online for future inspection dates, but must wait to reschedule until the next calendar day
    • For IVRS you can cancel and reschedule during the same call
Online inspection requests


A re-inspection is required when permitted work fails to pass inspection, and we will charge a re-inspection fee of $77.



For further assistance with inspection requests, call (813) 641-6970. You can also contact your inspector.