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You will need a natural resources permit for land alteration activities which remove vegetation from or changes the topography of the land by grubbing, tree removal, clearing, grading, filling or excavating, except for activities undertaken to maintain existing grounds. This permit is for activities that do not involve construction (single-family, subdivision or commercial construction.)


Permit fees

See the list of Natural Resources Fees


For a complete checklist of everything you will need for the process and copies of all of the required applications, please download the  application found in the How To section

  • Pre-submittal checklist (Coversheet)
  • Recorded deed
  • Legal description
  • Completed application
  • Aerial photograph (property boundaries outlined)
  • Completed site plan (minimum 2 copies) of the proposed land alterations
  • No tree removal affidavit
  • Review fees
  • Other submittal requirements (as noted on the pre-submittal checklist)

Things To Consider

  • A pre-submittal review by Natural Resource staff is required before submitting the completed application
  • If any of the required documents are not included with the application, we will not accept it for processing to review agencies

How To

  1. Contact the Natural Resource unit staff at (813) 627-1300 or via email at to address the pre-submittal checklist requirements.
  2. Download and complete the application
  3. Email your documents to
    For files totaling greater than 25 MB, ensure that you have all required files labeled with the Folio number. Files must be in pdf or jpeg format. Highlight all files to be submitted and compress them into a single .zip file. Please ensure you label this file with the folio number. A visual guide on creating zip file and uploading your documents is available. Upload your documents to our sharebase file uploader .
  4. Please note: Your signature certifies your legal responsibilities associated with the submission of your application. A Natural Resources (other/grubbing) land alterations without construction application requires approval prior to the commencing of the project.

What's Next

  1. Staff will:
    • review the application packet for completeness
    • assign an application review number
    • answer any questions you may have about the application
  2. Within 15 working days of receiving the application, Natural Resources staff will review the application, and we will issue a permit within 20 working days subject to approval from all reviewing agencies
    • If approved, we will send you the permit via email and first class mail
  3. If the permit application is not approved, we will send a letter to you indicating conditions for resubmittal or reasons for denial of the permit application
  4. We may include conditions and safeguards as part of the permit
  5. Any person affected by the decision to approve, approve with conditions, or deny a permit may request a Land Use Hearing Officer to review the decision

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