Approved Hedge List

Screening hedge material - 6 feet tall - for incompatible land uses

The following list of plants represents acceptable incompatible land use screening hedge species:

  • Common name: Podocarpus
  • Scientific name: Podocarpus macrophyllus


Hedge Material

The following list of plants represent acceptable Hedge Material species. Consideration was given to drought tolerance,native habitat, salt tolerance, growth rate, mature size, foliar density, and light requirements.


  • DT – Drought tolerant
  • N – Native
  • F - Flowering
  • Common name: Rain-of-Gold Thryallis
  • Scientific name: Galphimia glauca
  • Characteristics: DT, F
  • Rain-of-Gold Thryallis
  • Common name: Sandankwa Viburnum
  • Scientific name: Viburnum suspensum
  • Characteristics: DT, N
  • Sandankwa Viburnum



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