Approved Ornamental Trees

If you want to plant new ornamental trees or replace ornamental trees you are removing, view the list of the approved species you can plant in Hillsborough County.

These trees generally obtain a mature height of 15 - 25 feet.

Characteristics legend

  • F - Flowering
  • E - Evergreen
  • D - Deciduous sheds leaves annually
  • N - Native
  • M - Permitted for use in a designated area within Hillsborough County only. View map for details.
  • P - In a landscape environment, 3 palms must be planted in a cluster to credit as one tree

The view information links are for sheets or web pages on the tree, which includes pictures and/or illustrations of the trees .

  • Common name: Crape Myrtle
  • Scientific name: Lagerstroemia indica) Single Trunk, Standard
  • Characterstics: F, D

  • Scientific name: Lagerstroemia indica) Multi-Trunk
  • Characterstics: F, D
  • View information for Crape Myrtle
  • Common name: Elm, Lacebark
  • Scientific name: Ulmus parvifolia) Includes cultivars such as: 'Drake', 'Allee', 'Bosque'
  • Characterstics: D
  • View information for Elm, Lacebark



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