Report a Natural Resources Code Violation

What is a Natural Resource Code Violation?

A Natural Resources Code Violation may entail any of the following and should be reported to Natural Resources staff

Report a Natural Resources Code Violation


Tree Removal Violation

  • Tree removed without an appropriate permit (view of Tree Removal Guide to determine permit necessity) AND
  • The tree has not been declared “dangerous” by a Registered Landscape Architect or Certified Arborist

Land Alteration Violation

  • Adding fill that is causing excessive stormwater runoff or blocks drainage from your property without a permit
  • Changing the grade without a permit by either raising the land or excavating below natural ground surface
  • Removal offsite by truck hauling dirt without a permit 

Grubbing Violation

  • Removal of small trees and understory vegetation by mechanical equipment without a permit

Wetland Setback Violation

  • Encroaching into a required wetland setback without prior approval

What violations should not be reported to Natural Resources staff?

  • Potential violations done in a wetland, lake, or other waterbody may be a violation, however should not be reported to Hillsborough County Development Services Natural Resources staff. These potential violations should be reported to the EPC.

The items below are not investigated by natural resources code enforcement however they may be reported to code enforcement for investigation.

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Improper zoning
  • Signs
  • Animal Ordinances
  • Illegal dumping of trash and construction debris
  • Miscellaneous activities

How can I check if an action was done without a permit?

Visit the PGM Store to verify whether a permit has been obtained.

Report a Natural Resources Code Violation