Natural Resources Fees

Natural Resource Fee Schedule

Fees are effective as of January 1, 2020

  1. Tree Permits
    Item Fee
    Tree Inspection and Removal Permit $81.65
    Tree Inspection and Removal Permit- additional per acre fee for every acre in excess of 5 $24.93
  2. Land Alteration Process
    Item Fee
    Grubbing Permit
    Natural Resources Other Projects ♦
    Grand Oaks Protection $150
    Natural Resources Single Family/Duplex Projects  $60
    Natural Resources Single Family/Duplex Projects Self Certification  $32.30
    Single Family/Duplex Blanket Landscape Permit  $89.29
    Grand Oaks Protection $55
    Review & Processing Applications to Land Use Hearing Officer♦
    Review & Processing Application for Land Excavation Operating Permit (average site – 55 acres)♦
    Amendment to a Land Excavation Permit♦
    Land Excavation Special Use Permit♦
    Land Excavation Inspection Fee / Per Cubic Yard (Effective 1/17/10)  $.04
  3. Phosphate Process
    Item Fee
    Phosphate Mining Permit *♦
    Amendment of Phosphate Mining Permit*♦
    Annual Review Related to Permitted Phosphate Mining*♦
    Mining or Mining-Related Activities/Waivers to Phosphate Mining Regulations  $1030
    Combination of the Phosphate Mining DRI Annual Report Review and the Phosphate Mining Annual Report  $4135
  4. Upland Wildlife Process
    Item Fee
    Upland Wildlife Habitat Verification
    Upland Wildlife Habitat Delineation when performed independent of Site Plan Review
    Upland Wildlife Habitat Management Plan Review with plan prepared by Staf  $150
  5. Wellhead Resource Process
    Item Fee
    Wellhead Protection Review – Minor (e.g., well installation)
    Wellhead Protection Review – Major and Expansion of a Non-Conformity
  6. Publication Process
    Item Fee
    Annual Petition Index Subscription

♦ = May require additional EPC review fee. View the EPC permits and fee schedule

* = Plus $.10/Acre or Portion thereof plus cost of Legal Ads

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