Right of Way Fee Schedule

We require fees to supplement the costs associated with reviewing and processing Right of Way (ROW) Use permit applications and the inspection of work performed. The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) sets the fees for ROW Use permits, and applicants must pay fees upon submission and approval of the application.

You can pay with check, money order, cash, or other acceptable forms of payment for the exact fee amount.

Check and money orders should be made out to: Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners.

Payment location: “The Center” for Development Services located on the 19th Floor of the County Center Building at 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. in downtown Tampa.


  • < less than
  • > greater than
  • ≤ less or equal to
  • Ø diameter


Base Application Fee

The base application fee is intended to supplement the County’s cost associated with the clerical, administrative, and engineering cost to process each permit, regardless of the permit application’s approval or disapproval.

  • All permit application requests require a $50 base fee.
Access (Driveway) Application Fee

Access Type I

  • Residential: Average daily traffic < 50 vehicles

Access Type II

  • Commercial: 50 < Average daily traffic < 1,500 vehicles

Access Type III

  • Commercial: Average daily traffic > 1,500 vehicles
ROW Application (in addition to the base fee) Fee

No Roadway Crossings

  • Open trench or trenchless work parallel to roadway

Open Trench Roadway Encroachment or Crossing

  • Digging open trench in, across, or encroaching on road

Trenchless Roadway Crossing ≤ 2” Ø

  • Crossing road, no open trench in road, boring under ROW with pipe or conduit ≤ 2” Ø

Trenchless Roadway Crossing > 2” Ø

  • Crossing road, no open trench in road, boring under ROW with pipe/conduit > 2” Ø

Open Trench Construction Fee

  • Open trench work parallel to roadway for excavations exceeding 10 linear feet not to exceed $500
$1 per linear foot

Supplemental large facility project (SFLP)

  • Structure > 75’ high or pole > 24” Ø
Special Activity (in addition to the base fee) Fee

Certain special activities which require full-time inspections during the course of the activity (directional drilling, jack and bore under major roadways, bodies of water, structures, etc.)

$300 per permit
Re-inspection (for projects requiring re-inspections in excess of the 5 allotted) Fee
1st re-inspection $150
2nd re-inspection $300
3rd re-inspection $600
Each additional re-inspection $900
Re-inspection Fee
Per square mile of service area $27.50
Maximum fee $25,000

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For more information contact Development Services at (813) 272-5600.