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This is a stand-alone permit, also known as a sub-trade permit. Owners or contractors can apply for a mechanical permit.


General Fees

  • State surcharge for building permits: 3% or $4 min.

Permit Fees

  • Unbundled fee: $65
    • only available for single-family homes, villas and townhomes
  • Mechanical (general): $77 per inspection
    • Scope of work needed
  • HVAC equal changeouts: $77 – max 1 inspection
  • Multi-system commercial: $77 + $35 per unit
  • Manufactured/Mod home: $77 per inspection


What you will need for the application:

  • Property owner name, email, phone, fax (if applicable)
  • Folio #
  • Mobile home park name/lot # (if applicable)
  • Address of the proposed work – If the address is not available, provide site plan
  • Section/township/range
  • Scope of work
  • Job valuation
  • Mechanical contractor name, license #, address, phone, fax, email address
  • If doing a total replacement of HVAC evaporators and condensing unit, you will need to fill out a Florida energy conservation code duct certification form

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Things To Consider

  • If there is an active building permit for this project, you cannot apply for a sub-trade permit online.
  • Licensed contractors can submit applications in person or certain types online (after registration)
    • Mechanical permits available online
      • A/C changeouts
      • Condenser changeouts
      • Air-handler changeouts
  • Owners must appear physically at the permit office to submit the application
    • your name MUST be on the deed for the property to apply for the permit
    • you must live at the address on the permit – no rental or commercial properties
      • if this is for a non-owner occupied property, only a licensed contractor can apply for the permit
    • you can’t send a relative, friend or agent to apply for the permit
      • this includes those holding a power of attorney or a legal representative
  • If the property is held by a corporation, LLC or other business/financial entity, only a licensed contractor can apply for the permit
  • Permits are valid for 180 days after we issue them
    • The permit will extend for an additional 180 days when you request an inspection and it passes

How To

  1. Download the application
  2. Submit the application

What's Next

  • Staff will review the application, plans and any accompanying documentation
  • We will notify you if any corrections are needed
  • If no corrections, or corrections are completed satisfactorily, we will notify you when the permit is ready
  • Contractors
    • For in person applications, you or your authorized agent can pick-up the permit
    • For mail-in or faxed permits – we will mail you the permit
    • Online permits – You can download the online permit
  • Pay full permit costs in person
    • Contractors can fax credit card information
  • Submit your notice of commencement (NOC)
    • An inspection cannot be scheduled unless a recorded and certified NOC is submitted to Building Services
  • Schedule inspections

Find links for bolded items in the Resources section below


Forms and links

*Fillable forms may not work with many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) - if you have issues with the form, do one of the following:

  • Download the form to your computer, open it up with a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, then fill it out and print it
  • Download the printable version of the form, print and fill out by hand
  • Try using the Internet Explorer browser to open the PDF

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