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This is a permit to put a mobile home in a park. There is a supplemental application required for this permit, and other permits may be required in order to complete the set-up.


General fees

  • State surcharge for building permits: 3% or $4 min.

Permit fees

  • Setup: $130
  • Plumbing: $77 (if pulled by set-up contractor)
  • Supplement plan review: $51
  • Additional permits as required: TBD


What you will need for the application:

  • If mobile home is pre-owned or pre-occupied:
    • Notarized affidavit from dealer
    • Affidavit must state the mobile home is roadworthy and meets minimum housing codes
  • Park name
  • Mobile home address
  • Lot number
  • Previous mobile homes on the lot before?
  • Mobile home make, year, manufactured date, heat type, # of bedrooms, number of sections and dimensions
  • Folio number
  • Transportation/Right-of-Way Impact Zone
  • Park Impact Zone
  • Mobile/Manufactured Home set-up supplemental permit application
  • Site preparation information
    • Under-home grade cleaned of all vegetation and organic material
    • Sloped for proper drainage
    • Approximate distance between finished grade and bottom of I-beams
  • Foundation information
    • Load bearing soil density
    • Penetrometer test results
    • Mainrail frame blocks – size and placement
    • Perimeter blocking – size, number and location
    • Ridge beam support – size, number and location
    • Center line blocking– size, number and location
    • Anchors
    • Angle of strap
    • Number of frame ties, sidewall and centerline anchors and stabilizers
    • Installer or Engineer name and license #
  • Foundation plan – to scale
  • Site plan to scale (2 copies)
  • Separate sub-permits for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, gas and/or natural resources may be required

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Things To Consider

  • Only licensed installers or dealers can pull mobile home permits
  • Licensed subcontractors can pull sub-permits
    • Only licensed contractors can pull gas, electrical, and mechanical permits
  • Permits are valid for 180 days after we issue them
    • The permit will extend for an additional 180 days when you request an inspection and it passes

What's Next

  1. Staff will review the application, plans and any accompanying documentation
  2. We will notify you if any corrections are needed
  3. If no corrections, or corrections are completed satisfactorily, we will notify you when the permit is ready
  4. Contractors
    • You or your authorized agent can pick-up the permit
  5. Pay full permit costs
  6. Schedule inspections

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