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This is a stand-alone permit, also known as a sub-trade permit. Owners or contractors can apply for a roofing permit.


  • See Fee Schedule
  • Surcharge for building permits: 3% or $4 min


  • Property owner name, email, phone, fax (if applicable)
  • Folio number
  • Address of the proposed work – If the address is not available, provide site plan Section/township/range
  • Building type
  • Job valuation
  • Is this a wind borne debris area
  • Property appraiser assessment value (if applicable)
  • Is roof being applied over existing roof
  • Roof type
  • Contractor name, license #, address, email address, phone and fax

Things To Consider

  • If there is an active building permit for this project, you cannot apply for a sub-trade permit online
  • Licensed contractors can submit certain application types through our online Permit Manager (after registration)
  • You can only pull the following roofing permits online:
    • Re-roof
    • All other applications may be submitted through our online Digital Drop-Off
  • Property Owners may only apply for a permit at their residential address – no rental or commercial properties. A licensed contractor must apply for all other permits. If the property is held by a corporation, LLC or other business/financial entity, only a licensed contractor can apply for the permit
  • Permits are valid for 180 days after we issue them
    • The permit will extend for an additional 180 days when you request and pass an inspection
  • Submitted documents must meet the following requirements
    • All files must be in PDF format. Every plan and document file must be named based on what is contained within. For example, mechanical plan set, energy calculations, etc.
    • Plan sets that include multiple pages must be submitted as a single, combined, multi-page PDF file, per trade. For example, if a mechanical plan set includes five (5) pages, then all five (5) pages must be submitted as a combined PDF file and not uploaded as five (5) individual pages.
    • Supporting documents that consist of multiple sheets must be submitted as a combined pdf and labeled accordingly. For example, Energy Calculations, FEMA Substantial Improvement
    • Documents, Threshold Reports, Private Provider Packet, etc.
    • Plan files must be submitted with a cover page including index of sheets.
    • All plans to be digitally signed and sealed. We cannot accept scanned copies of wet seal and signatures.
    • Plans and documents prepared by design professionals must adhere to the following guidelines:
      • Signatures must follow Florida Statues Chapter 668 – Electronic Commerce and Florida Administrative Code for Engineers and Architect
      • Signatures must come from a trusted Certificate Authority
      • Digital signed plans need to allow for annotations and comments by Hillsborough County
      • Florida Statutes 471, 472 and 481 and Fl. Administrative Rules 61G15-23, 61G1-16 and 5J-17.062 outline acceptable methods for design professionals to digitally sign and seal plans and documents.
  • Roofing must be secured with six (6) nails per shingle

How To

  1. Download the application
  2. Submit the application
  • Ensure that you have all the required plans and documents necessary per the appropriate checklist. Also, ensure that all documents meet the requirements listed above.
  • Please ensure all files are in .pdf format and contained within a single .zip file.
  • NOTE: If your total file size is less than 25 MB, you may email them to Please do not send payment information via email.
  1. Highlight all files to be submitted and compress them into a single .zip file. Please ensure you label this file with the address of the property that corresponds to your submittal. If you need assistance creating a .zip file, a visual guide is available.
  2. Upload your documents. A visual guide on creating a zip file and uploading your documents is available.
  • If you have questions regarding your file upload, please email or call (813) 272-5600.
  • As an alternative to this process, you may also email files under 25 MB to or mail a thumb drive containing all necessary files to:

Hillsborough County Development Services
Building Services Division
601 E Kennedy Blvd
19th Floor
Tampa, FL 33602

*Fillable forms may not work with many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) - if you have issues with the form, do one of the following:

  • Download the form to your computer, open it up with a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, then fill it out and print it
  • Download the printable version of the form, print and fill out by hand
  • Try using the Internet Explorer browser to open the PDF

What's Next

1. Staff will review the application, plans and any accompanying documentation. You can check the status of your permit online.

2. You will receive an email if any corrections are required

  • If corrections are required:
  • All sheets in trade must be resubmitted.
  • The combined trade pdf to be resubmitted with changes clouded.
  • Provide narrative indicating sheet number and changes associated.
  • Corrections must adhere to the requirements outlined in this document.
  • Corrections can be submitted online.

3. If no corrections, or corrections are completed satisfactorily, you will receive an email when the permit is ready
4. Placard and approved plans will be made available online at the PGM store when payment has been made.
5. Email your notice of commencement (NOC) (if applicable) to

  • You can't schedule an inspection unless a recorded and certified NOC is submitted to Building Services

6. Schedule inspections


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