Apply for a Tent and Sparkler Permit


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The Fire Marshal’s Office grants tent and sparkler permits.



What you will need for the application:

  • Type of permit
    • tent and sparkler
    • in-store sparkler
  • Date of application
  • Tent and sparkler company name
  • Tent/store name and address (if applicable)
  • Tent location, its use, the number of tents and their sizes
  • Set up and take down date (Note: Set up date shall be the date the tent is up, product is in place and you are ready to begin sales. This will be your inspection date unless modified with Inspector).
  • Phone number of applicant and the emergency contact
  • Tent permits require the following
    • Detailed site plan including:
      • Location of the tent
      • Distance in feet between the tent and other structures on the site
    • Certificate of flame resistance
    • Letter of authorization
  • Sparkler permits require the following:
    • Certificate of Registration Seasonal Retailer (Sparklers in tent)
    • Certificate of Registration Retailer Location Permit (In-store)
    • Certificate of Registration Wholesaler of Sparklers (Tent and in-store)


Things To Consider

  • Per State Statute 791, you can only sell sparklers from June 20 through July 5 and December 10 through January 2
  • You cant make any products available for public display or sale until after midnight of the start and finish of each season
  • Sparkler permits are good for one calendar year, only on the dates listed above
  • You must keep the validated receipt and a copy of the permit application packet at the site
  • We issue tent permits for 30 days at a time not to exceed 180 days
  • You must submit a tent permit application a minimum of five business days prior to setup date
  • Site requirements:
    • A minimum of 10 feet between the tent and any structures
    • A minimum of 10 feet between stake lines
  • The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has the right to deny this permit and any future permits if you do not follow any of the above requirements
  • This permit is for the tent and state-approved sparklers only
    • Any non-approved items purchased or sold is your and the buyers responsibility
    • Non-approved items are subject to confiscation by the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office
  • All Consumer Fireworks Retail Sales facilities shall meet all requirements set forth in the Florida Fire Prevention Code, current edition.

How To

  1. Download the application
  2. Complete and submit:

*Fillable forms may not work with many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) - if you have issues with the form, do one of the following:

  • Download the form to your computer and open it up with a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Download the printable version of the form
  • Try using the Internet Explorer browser to open the PDF

What's Next

  1. Turn in the permit application at least five business days prior to tent setup
  2. We will process the application
  3. Our inspectors will come out and see the area where you want to set up the tent
  4. If approved, the inspector will give you the permit at the inspection


If you are not selling sparklers, you need to apply for a Tent permit

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