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This is a stand-alone permit, also known as a sub-trade permit. Homeowners or contractors can apply for an electrical permit.


General fees:

  • State surcharge for building permits: 3% or $4 min.

Permit fees:

  • Unbundled fee: $130
    • available for single-family homes, villas and townhomes
  • Electrical general inspection : $77 per inspection
    • Scope of work needed
  • Multi-unit (Commercial): $77 per inspection type, plus $35 per unit
  • Manufactured/Modular home electrical: $77 per inspection
  • Pool electrical (Residential): $77 (1 inspection); $77 each additional inspection
  • Pool electrical (Commercial): $154 (2 inspections); $77 each additional inspection


What you will need for the application:

Things To Consider

  • If there is an active building permit for this project, you cannot apply for a sub-trade permit online
  • Licensed contractors can submit applications in person and certain types online (after registration)
    • Electrical permits available online
      • Service upgrades
      • Wire A/C
      • Meter changeouts
      • Temporary construction poles (100 amps or greater)
      • Existing residential security (alarm systems)
  • Owners must appear physically at the permit office to submit the application
    • your name MUST be on the deed for the property to apply for the permit
    • you must live at the address on the permit – no rental or commercial properties
      • if this is for a non-owner occupied property, only a licensed contractor can apply for the permit
    • you can’t send a relative, friend or agent to apply for the permit
      • this includes those holding a power of attorney or a legal representative
  • If the property is held by a corporation, LLC or other business/financial entity, only a licensed contractor can apply for the permit
  • Permits are valid for 180 days after we issue them
    • The permit will extend for an additional 180 days when you request an inspection and it passes

How To

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Submit the application

What's Next

  1. Staff will review the application, plans, if applicable, and any accompanying documentation
  2. We will notify you if any corrections are needed
  3. If no corrections, or corrections are completed satisfactorily, we will notify you when the permit is ready
  4. Walk-ins are normally done while you wait
  5. If a plan review is required (usually commercial permits) you must drop the application off
  6. Contractors
  7. Owners – only the person on the application can pick-up the permit
  8. Pay full permit costs in person
  9. Submit your notice of commencement (NOC) (if applicable)
    • an inspection cannot be scheduled unless a recorded and certified NOC is submitted to Building Services
  10. Schedule inspections

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