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You can apply for an on-site evaluation of a piece of property to make a determination on upland significant wildlife habitat (SWH), essential wildlife habitat (EWH), and the boundaries for that habitat.


Verification evaluation: $25
Delineation evaluation: $25


  • Type of evaluation
  • Proposed property use
  • Address/property location
  • Section/township/range
  • Folio number
  • Property size in acres
  • 1” to 200” scale aerial accurately outlining the property boundaries and labeling frontage
  • Copy of the property’s legal description
  • Copy of an approved Environmental Protection Commission wetland jurisdictional line survey, if available
  • Property owner’s name, address, phone
  • Authorized agent’s name, address, phone (if applicable)

Things To Consider

  • A wildlife habitat verification application is unnecessary if:
    • Natural Resources staff confirms the presence of SWH and/or EWH when a parcel of land is being rezoned
    • If a land alteration permit application of any type is submitted
  • SWH is defined as contiguous stands of natural plant communities, which have the potential to support healthy and diverse populations of wildlife
  • EWH is defined as land or water bodies which, through the provision of habitat, are necessary to maintain populations of endangered or threatened species, or species of special concern
  • There are three different types of on-site evaluations:
    • Delineation of upland Significant Wildlife Habitat
      • to identify the boundaries of upland SWH including both mesic (moderately moist) and xeric (dry) plant communities that make up the habitat area
    • Verification of upland Significant Wildlife Habitat
      • to confirm the presence of upland SWH
    • Verification of upland Essential Wildlife Habitat
      • to confirm the presence of EWH
  • SWH is determined by:
    • making observations regarding the existence, type, size, quality and location of SWH
  • EWH is determined by these criteria:
    • previously documented animal species on site
    • if we observe listed plant and animal species or find evidence of the listed species or if the habitat itself
    • in combination when off-site lands meet the minimum habitat needs for a viable population of the listed species
  • For all of the evaluations, we will issue you a written determination of our findings

How To

  1. Download the application
  2. Submit it:

What's Next

  1. Staff will review the application and arrange for onsite evaluation
  2. Findings will be forwarded to the applicant

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