Approved Shade Trees

If you want to plant new shade trees or replace trees you are removing, view the list of the approved species you can plant in Hillsborough County.

Shade trees

  • N - Native
  • F - Flowering
  • E - Evergreen
  • D - Deciduous (sheds leaves annually)
  • 1 - Acceptable for planting in shade tree islands
  • 2 - Not acceptable for planting in internal or terminal islands of parking areas
Common Name / Botanical Name Characteristics
Ash, green / Fraxinus pennsylvanica N, D, 1
Cypress, bald / Taxodium distichum N, D
Elm, American / Ulmus americana N, D, 1
Elm, winged / Ulmus alata N, D
Hickory, pignut / Carya glabra N, D, 1
Maple, red / Acer rubrum N, D, 2
Magnolia, southern / Magnolia grandiflora N, F, E
Oak, laurel / Quercus laurifolia N, D, 1
Oak, live / Quercus virginiana N, E, 1
Oak, post / Quercus stellata N, E
Oak, sand live / Quercus geminata N, E
Oak, Shumard / Quercus shumardii N, D
Oak, turkey / Quercus laevis N, D
Pine, longleaf / Pinus palustris N, E
Pine, sand / Pinus clausa N, E
Pine, northern slash / Pinus elliottii v. elliottii N, E
Pine, slash / Pinus elliotti N, E
Sugarberry / Celtis laevigata N, D
Sweetgum / Liquidambar styraciflua N, D, 1
Sycamore / Platanus occidentalis N, D, 1



For more information contact the Natural Resources unit at (813) 276-8399.