Rezoning, Plans and Permit Documents & Records (PGM Store)

The online document management system is known as the “PGM Store” where you can search for plans, applications and permit files.

Please note: Records created in HillsGovHub will not appear in PGM search results. You can search for those records on the HillsGovHub portal.

Exempt Records Notice

We have updated our records management system (Optix/PGM Store) pursuant to Florida Statutes § 119.071 which deems certain personal information, including home addresses, exempt from public disclosure for public officers and employees. Exempt individuals include current and former law enforcement personnel, firefighters, judges or magistrates, public defenders, or other occupations listed under Florida Statutes § 119.071. To ensure compliance with this law, exempt building records that would otherwise be easily located in our public records have been removed from Optix/PGM Store. In addition, buildings that are deemed to meet a certain threshold of public importance, such as hospitals, sports arenas, and hotels are exempt under this statute.

Instructions to determine if a record is exempt:
  1. Look up the folio number or address on the property appraiser's website
    • If your search does not return a result, it may mean that the record is exempt due to the employments status of an associated person
    • If your search does return a result, the records may still be exempt due to the building type
    • In each of these scenarios, the exemption status of a record can be verified through Optix.

  2. Go to the Optix page, log in using the public username and search for the record
    • If you received no result previously from the Property Appraiser's website and are unable to locate a result in Optix, then the record is likely exempt due to employment status
    • If you previously found a result on the Property Appraiser's website but are unable to locate a result in Optix, then the record is likely exempt due to the building type
    • If you found a result on both the Property Appraiser's site and Optix, the record is not exempt
  3. If the record is deemed exempt, you may contact Development Services to learn about the proper procedure for obtaining exempt information

If you have questions regarding these procedures, please call (813) 272-5600.

Accessing Rezoning. Plans and Permit Documents & Records (PGM Store)

Use the following user name and password to access the PGM Store.

User ID:

Leave the server option as optix.

Enter the PGM Store

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What do I need to know before I use the PGM Store?

  • Download a tutorial on how to use the PGM Store
  • Turn pop-up blockers off before entering the PGM store login page
  • For additional assistance, please call (813) 272-5600
  • Recommended Minimum Configuration for Optimal Performance:
    • Windows Hardware: Pentium 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM 
    • Operating System: Windows XP 
    • Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 or greater