Suggested Tree Replacement Species

If you need to satisfy the replacement requirement for the tree removal permit, the following list of shade trees represent options ranging from 25 to 70 feet.


  • N – Native
  • F – Flowering
  • E – Evergreen
  • D – Deciduous (sheds leaves annually)
Scientific Name Common Name Characteristics
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Ash, Green N, D
Ulmus americana Elm, American N, D
Ulmus alata Elm, Winged N, D
Carya glabra Hickory, Pignut N, D
Acer rubrum Maple, Red N, F, D
Magnolia grandiflora Magnolia, Southern N, F, E
Quercus laurifolia Oak, Laurel N, D
Quercus virginiana Oak, Live N, E
Quercus stellata Oak, Post N, E
Quercus geminata Oak, Sand Live N, E
Quercus shumardii Oak, Shumard N, D
Quercus laevis Oak, Turkey N, D
Pinus palustris Pine, Longleaf N, E
Pinus clausa Pine, Sand N, E
Pinus elliottii Pine, Slash N, E
Celtis laevigata Sugarberry N, D
Liquidambar styraciflua Sweetgum N, D
Platanus occidentalis Sycamore N, D
Taxodiun distichum Cypress, Bald N, D


Apply for a tree removal permit


For more information call the Natural Resource Unit at (813) 272-5600, ext. 5, option 1.