What Permits are Available to Pull Online?

The Permit Manager system can handle some of your basic permitting needs, to include pulling basic permits, obtaining inspection results, checking plan review status, and checking on the status of your permit. Homeowners can’t use the online system to apply for permits. Only registered users can use the site.

Online permits available

Various types of permits are available for registered users to pull online. Explore the categories to see what types are available.

You can pull the following types of electrical permits online:
  • Service upgrades
  • Wire A/C
  • Meter Changeouts
  • Temporary Construction Poles (100 amps or greater)
  • Photovoltaic (PVS) - (Residential only)
  • Generator - (Residential only)
You can pull the following types of gas permits online:
  • Pool heaters
  • Fixtures/Appliances (existing structures only)
  • Tank sets
You can pull the following types of mechanical permits online:
  • A/C changeouts
  • Condenser changeouts
  • Air-Handler changeouts
You can pull the following types of plumbing permits online:
  • Replace water heaters
  • Replace existing fixtures - excluding backflow devices
  • Re-piping
You can pull the following types of roofing permits online:
  • Re-roof - excluding mobile homes
You can pull the following types of solar piping permits online:
  • Solar pool heaters
  • Solar water heaters
You can pull the following types of window and door replacement permits online:
  • Exterior doors
  • Garage doors
  • Windows
    • Windows must meet minimum egress requirements of the state fire and building codes

You cannot pull online permits to replace windows and doors for apartments

How do I register?

If you are a licensed contractor who wishes to use the online permitting system for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Submit new user registration information
    • Click on the Register Here link on the My Permit Manager page
  2. Download and fill out the online web user declaration form
  3. Notarize the completed and signed form
  4. Submit form:
  5. We will send you an email notification when you are approved and activated

What can I do after I'm approved?

  • Pull basic permits from the above list
  • Schedule inspections (registered users only)
  • Obtain inspection results
  • Check plan review status
  • Check permit status
Pull Online Permits


For further information about online permits, call Development Services at (813) 272-5600.