Land Development Code Text Amendments

The Development Services Department reviews text amendments to the Land Development Code periodically. Land Development Code (LDC) Amendments are considered by the Board of County Commissioners in public hearings. Please note, the proposed text below is a draft and subject to change prior to the hearing. Please see the complete file to view all drafts.

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Schedule of Key Dates for Round 1, 2023

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  1. Planning Commission Consistency Finding Meeting - TBD
  2. LDC 1st Public Hearing - TBD
  3. LDC 2nd Public Hearing - TBD

Proposed Text Amendments

  1. LDC 22-1113 Text Amendment to LDC Sections 9.02.01, 10.03.02, 10.03.03, 10.03.04 and 10.03.05


    The purpose of this proposed amendment is to modify the Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO) rezoning process, including but not limited to LUHO qualifications, powers and duties, decision, and application record. This amendment has been directed by the Board of County Commissioners.

    Information and Resources

    • LDC 22-1113 Proposed Text
    • Complete File (To view the complete file, log in using the public user name and password and click on the document repository. Enter the LDC amendment number 22-1113 in the box that reads APP/Permit/Tracking # and click Query.)
  2. LDC 22-1115 Text Amendment to LDC Sections 6.01.02, 6.11.07 and Article XII


    The purpose of this proposed amendment is to revise and add development standards to implement the "Affordable Housing Density Bonus" policies proposed for the updated Housing Section by Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment HC/CPA 22-08. The proposed changes include but are not limited to requirements of the bonus usage including affordability term, density, setbacks and income requirement.

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  3. LDC 22-1406 Text Amendment to LDC Sections 4.01.03, 4.01.09, 4.01.17, 5.03.07, 6.01.01, 11.06.05 and 11.06.07


    The purpose of this proposed amendment is to require applicants for development of land that includes gopher tortoise habitat to provide a gopher tortoise burrow survey prepared by a FFWCC authorized agent and to report any previous violations of gopher tortoise regulations in the State of Florida. This Text Amendment will also provide for consideration of smaller lot size requirements for developments that preserve on-site significant wildlife habitat beyond the minimum required by the LDC and increase penalties for unpermitted land alterations to significant wildlife habitat.

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Applying for a Land Development Code (LDC) Amendment

Amendments are initiated by submitting a text amendment application. If the amendment is initiated by an individual or entity outside the county, they must first attend a mandatory application pre-submittal conference and then submit the application and pay the fee by appointment. To schedule an appointment to submit a completed application contact the Zoning Counseling Center by phone at (813) 272-5600.

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