Apply to Make a Personal Appearance (Minor Modifications to a PD)


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If you need to make minor modifications to your already approved planned development, you can apply to make a Personal Appearance.


To view what qualifies as a Minor Modification, please see the Land Development Code section 5.03.07


Things To Consider

  • You must schedule an appointment to submit this application
    • Call (813) 277-1630 or email to request an appointment
    • You need to meet all requirements listed on the submittal checklist
    • We will not accept incomplete applications 
  • These are for minor modifications only; if you have a major modification, you will need to go through the Zoning Hearing Master
  • If your Vested Rights have expired, you must seek permission from the Board of County Commissioners to apply for an extension. You complete an non-noticed PRS application. 

How To

Download the applicable application for complete list of requirements:

What's Next

For noticed applications, after the hearing you will receive the decision by email.

Get Help

(813) 277-1630

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