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Certain uses have been determined to require additional design standards to ensure compatibility with adjacent uses and the surrounding neighborhood. A Land Excavation is the excavation and subsequent removal from a site of any material of more than 10,000 cubic yards and is subject to review for compliance with these additional design standards through a noticed public hearing process with approval by a Land Use/Zoning Hearing Officer (ZHM). The Special Use Permit application must contain all required information and documents needed for the hearing.


Things To Consider

  • You must schedule an appointment to submit this application
    • Call (813) 272-5600 to request an appointment
    • You need to meet all requirements listed on the submittal checklist
    • We will not accept incomplete applications 
  • A hearing with the Zoning Hearing Master is required after the application is submitted

How To

Download the application for complete list of requirements.

What's Next

  • Within 15 business days after the hearing we will notify you of the ZHM decision
  • If granted, you can move forward with your project
  • If denied, you can appeal the Land Use Hearing Officer decision to the Land Use Appeals Board
    • You must file your appeal within 30 calendar days of the decision
    • Appeal fee is $202

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