Apply for an Alcoholic Beverage Permit (Waiver Required)


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You will need an Alcoholic Beverage Permit to sell alcoholic beverages at a restaurant, bar or other business. If your location meets all normal requirements of the Land Development Code with the exception of the proximity requirements, you can apply for a waiver from our zoning unit.


Things To Consider

  • You must schedule an appointment to submit the application
  • A hearing with the Land Use Hearing Officer is required after the application is submitted

How To

Download the application for complete list of requirements.

What's Next

  1. Within 15 business days after the hearing we will notify you of the Land Use Hearing Officer decision
  2. If granted, you can move forward with your project
  3. If denied, you can appeal the Land Use Hearing Officer’s decision to the Land Use Appeals Board
    • You must file your appeal within 30 calendar days of the decision
    • Appeal fee is $202


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