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Date November 2, 2019 7:30 AM

16th Annual Neighborhoods Conference

Online registration closed

  • Online registration closed on October 28 at 5 PM, but you can register onsite starting at 7:30 AM the day of the conference
  • Below are the workshops you can register for at the conference
  • You can only register for one workshop per session

Click on the workshop session name to see descriptions for each class during that session. Only members of mandatory HOA's can sign-up for workshops marked with an asterisk.

  1. Session A - 8 to 9:15 AM
    • Code Enforcement, HELP! Rescue Our Neighborhood (A-1)
      Discover the ins and outs of Hillsborough County Code Enforcement and how to use the department’s services to maintain your community’s quality of life.
    • Leadership Succession Planning (A-2)
      You’ve taken the time to establish current leaders in your neighborhood association, but have you put time into developing future leaders? Discover how you can create a succession plan and take steps to ensure you have leaders prepared to step up when needed.
    • Legal Update for Mandatory Associations (A-3)*
      Develop new skills for reviewing Florida law affecting mandatory associations and how to effectively serve your community with your new knowledge.
    • Getting Your Community Back on Track with SWOT (A-4)
      Does your board or association feel unfocused or uncertain on to how proceed in a rapidly changing neighborhood environment? Discover what a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis can do to help refocus and create new ideas for your neighborhood for the future.
    • Urban Gardening: How to Keep a Green Thumb (A-5)
      Want fresh flowers, veggies or simply some greenery to spruce up your terrace, balcony, deck, or other space at your house or apartment? Learn how to build your own container garden to fit your space and how to keep your new garden green.
    • Engaging and Retaining Dynamic Volunteers (A-6)
      Learn the basics of recruiting volunteers for your cause and creating a neighborhood culture where volunteers keep coming back to help better your community.
  2. Session B - 9:45 to 11 AM
    • Effective Grant Writing (B-1)
      Raising money for your neighborhood is hard to do, and grant writing makes it even harder. Whether you are an experienced fundraiser or new to the process, learn how to best prepare government, foundation, and corporation grants and how to use the tools at your disposal to effectively write grants.
    • 25 Things HOAs Typically Do Wrong (B-2)*
      Not sure if you’re doing the HOA thing right? Find out the most common mistakes made by mandatory HOAs and how to avoid or fix them.
    • Step into Nextdoor (B-3)
      Is your community active on Nextdoor? Learn best practices for using the private social network for neighborhoods and how to further your community’s mission from Nextdoor’s Public Agency Lead & Ambassador of Community.
    • Creative Tools for Neighborhood Partnerships (B-4)
      Are you wanting to take your neighborhood to the next level? Learn how to build and utilize an effective neighborhood profile so you can create partnerships, grow your meeting attendance, and expand your reach outside of your existing neighborhood.
    • How to Prepare Your Neighborhood for Disaster (B-5)
      You know how to help your neighborhood during blue skies, now learn how to prepare your neighborhood for disasters. From identifying neighbors who might need more help to establishing a recovery response, learn about how you and your neighborhood should prepare for a disaster now.
    • Coffee & Conversation: How is Your Neighborhood Changing? (B-6)
      Have you seen a change in how your neighbors engage? Are there more people moving into your neighborhood? Do you know how you’ll adapt to the changes? Sit down and discuss with a panel of leaders from HOAs around the County how they are switching gears with all the changes happening around them.
  3. Session C - 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM
    • Coffee & Conversation with a Cop (C-1)
      Engage with the police officers who are tasked with protecting neighborhoods every day. Discuss issues that you see in your neighborhoods, and learn how you can help them help you.
    • Understanding the State Legislature and Tools to Keep You in the Know (C-2)*
      Develop new skills for reviewing proposed bills from the State Legislature, and how to best address concerns about bills that could affect your community.
    • Telling Your Neighborhood Story with Data (C-3)
      Learn how you can employ various data in a community dashboard that will help tell the story of your neighborhood on a different level, as well as help you track changes in your neighborhood over time.
    • The U.S. Census: Why the Count Helps Your Neighborhood (C-4)
      Discover how the 2020 U.S. Census can help your neighborhood through representation and funding, and why every community should ensure their neighbors take part in the count.

Event details

  • Conference entry
    • Check-in and same day registration starts at 7:30 AM
  • Workshops
    • Three sessions starting at 8 AM
    • You can sign up for one, two or all three sessions
  • Vendor exhibits
  • Refreshments
  • Networking opportunities
  • Lunch at the Neighborhood Recognition Awards Luncheon
    • Winners must attend the luncheon to receive recognition awards

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November 2, 2019 | 7:30 AM


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