Theodore Roosevelt Hillsborough Forever Conservation Award

The Theodore Roosevelt Hillsborough Forever Conservation Award honors an individual or group who exemplifies dedication to preserving the County's natural resources.

Nominations are reviewed by the Conservation Award Sub-Committee and a recommendation is presented to the BOCC. The award is presented annually at a BOCC meeting that coincides with National Arbor Day.

Nominations deadline

Nominations close on February 28, 2023.

Selection criteria

  • The nominee must be living and either
    • currently live and/or work in Hillsborough County
    • OR have lived and/or worked in Hillsborough County during the time of their
      outstanding achievements
  • The nominee must be someone who shows persistence and dedication to long-term
    conservation of the County's natural resources, demonstrates integrity in performance
    toward conservation goals, and displays attributes of true conservation stewardship
  • The nominee must be involved in the community in which they live, lived, or worked
    • They may hold local office, serve as a leader in local civic organizations, and/or serve as a
      leader in local resource organizations
    • Their opinion may be sought, respected, and quoted on resource topics of interest
  • The nominee must have made a significant contribution to one or more environmental
    projects, programs, or issues of special concern over their lifetime
  • The nominee cannot be a current member of the sub-committee
  • Multiple nominations for the same person will be ranked as one nomination.
Nomination Form


For more information email Ross Dickerson or call (813) 672-7876.