AAC Scheule, Agendas and Meeting Videos

Meeting types

All meeting types start at 6:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.

  • In-person meetings (no virtual element)
    • Take place at County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 26th Floor; Conference Room B
  • Hybrid, in-person quorum (quorum of the board meets in-person, all others meet virtually)
    • Take place at a location to be determined for each meeting.
  • Virtual (no in-person location)
    • All board members and other participants access the meeting through virtual methods.

Meeting Schedules and Access

  1. Schedule and Meeting Materials
  2. Accessing Meetings

    The public and the media can access the meetings in the following ways:


    • Click the date in the Schedule and Meeting materials section to visit the calendar to get the Teams link for the live meeting


  3. Public Participation and Comments

    If you would like to make public comments at the meeting, email Gigela Tames.

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