CareerSource Tampa Bay

This Board provides policy guidance and oversight for workforce development activities for CareerSource Florida Region 15 (Hillsborough County) in partnership with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), including activities under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA); development of an annual budget subject to the approval of the BOCC; developing, ratifying and submitting or amending the local workforce plan subject to the approval of the BOCC; establishing and adopting policy for governance, administration and operation of the CareerSource Tampa Bay (CSTB) Board of Directors; oversight of the CSTB budget, programs, administrative costs and performance outcomes; identifying and selecting providers of training services, intensive services, youth providers and One Stop Operators as necessary and applicable.


The membership of this board shall be voted on by the BOCC and shall be comprised to represent the required composition and percentage of representation required by current workforce development legislation. A majority of the members must be representatives of business and not less than 20% of the members must be members of the workforce. Composition is specified as:

  • Business
    • Business sector nominees must be located in Hillsborough County and be nominated by business organizations or business trade associations
    • Business sector nominees must represent a minimum of 51% of the total Board
  • Workforce
    • Workforce sector nominees must be representatives of the workforce within Hillsborough County:
      • Labor organizations nominated by a local labor federation
      • Registered apprenticeship program
      • Community-based organizations that address the employment needs of individuals with barriers to employment or disabilities
      • Community-based organizations that serve veterans
      • Organizations that address employment, training or education needs of eligible youth
  • Education and Training
    • Entities represented must administer education and training activities in Hillsborough County:
      • Adult education and literacy training under Title II of WIOA
      • Institutions of higher education providing workforce investment activities
      • Private education providers
  • Government, Economic/Community Development
    • Entities represented must serve Hillsborough County
    • Economic development
    • Vocational rehabilitation
    • May include representatives of agencies or entities relating to transportation, housing, public assistance and philanthropic organizations
    • May include others as the BOCC determines to be appropriate


Initial terms are for one and two years; subsequent terms are for two years. Board members may not serve for more than eight consecutive years, unless such member is a representative of a governmental entity.


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (Public Law 113-128), Florida Workforce Innovation Act of 2000. F.S. 445.007.


Quarterly, 3rd Thursday, 11 AM
9215 N. Florida Ave., Suite 101
Tampa, FL 33612

Special Requirements:

  • Must be a resident of Hillsborough County
    • Waiver available for the Workforce; Education Training; and Government, Economic/Community Development Entities categories
  • Annual financial disclosure is required


Kenneth L. Jones, MBA, Director, MBE/SBE Division
Hillsborough County Economic Development
County Center
601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 20th Floor
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 272-1143


Mr. John Flanagan CEO CareerSource Tampa Bay
Business Sector
Member Position Dates of Service
Mr. Michael Bach
08/15/2018 -
Mr. Richard Bennett
05/15/2019 -
Mr. Sean Butler
07/01/2018 -
Ms. Andrea Cichon

02/19/2020 -
Mr. Gary Hartfield
07/01/2021 -
Mr. Benjamin Hom
07/01/2018 -
Mr. Robert Hyland    09/16/2020 -
Mr. Stephen Morey    07/17/2019 -
Mr. Donald Noble

10/17/2018 -
Ms. Julie Renderos    06/02/2022 -
Mr. LeRoy Sweatman
07/01/2018 -
Mr. Thayne Swenson    07/01/2020 -
Workforce Sector
Member Position Dates of Service
Mr. Tom Aderhold Organization Representing Veterans 07/01/2018 -
Mr. Robert Blount, III Organization Representing Veterans 09/22/2021 -
Ms. Stephanie Brown-Gilmore Organization Representing Individuals with Disabilities 07/01/2018 -
Mr. Richard Cranker Joint Apprenticeship Program 07/01/2018 -
Ms. Elizabeth Gutierrez  Community-Based Organization Representing Individuals with Barriers 07/01/2018 -
Mr. Graham Hadley Labor Organization 06/02/2022 -
Mr. James Junecko Labor Organization 03/03/2021 -
Education & Training
Member Position Dates of Service
Mr. Warren "Scott" Brooks  Adult Education & Literacy WIOA Title II
02/19/2020 -
Dr. Brian Mann Institution of Higher Education / Public 06/16/2021 -
Government, Economic / Community Development
Member Position Dates of Service
Mr. John Howell Vocational Rehabilitation 07/01/2018 -
Commissioner Gwen Myers Government Representative / Board of County Commissioners Designee 11/18/2021 -
Ms. Audrey Ziegler
Government Representative / County Administrator Designee
02/16/2022 -
Council Member Gil Schisler  City of Temple Terrace Representative  09/16/2020 -
Ms. Ocea Wynn  City of Tampa Representative  09/16/2020 -