Health Council of West Central Florida, Inc.

This Council works in collaboration with community-based organizations to identify, address, and resolve health care issues of local concern. The Council collects and analyzes health care data, prepares special reports and publications, and educates the community about special health issues.


The membership of this Council shall be comprised of 12 members appointed as follows:

Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners - 5 members
Polk County - 3 members
Manatee County - 2 members
Hardee County - 1 member
Highlands County - 1 member
Composition is specified as follows for the members appointed by the BOCC:

  • 1 Consumer over the age of 60
  • 1 Consumer under the age of 60
  • 1 Purchaser - an individual or an authorized member of an organization or agency who is responsible for the purchase of health services for a group of 25 or more individuals either directly or through acquisition of health insurance coverage.
  • 2 Providers


Members shall serve two year terms.


Chapter 408.033(1), Florida Statutes


2nd Thursday, every other month, 3:30 PM
This Council meets in rotating counties of the
5-county planning district.


Teresa Kelly
Executive Director, Health Council of West Central Fl, Inc.
550 North Reo Street, Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33609


Member Position Dates of Service
Mr. Russell W. Patterson Health Care Consumer over the age of 60 11/06/2013 - 04/19/2025*
 Ms. Remeka Rose Health Care Consumer under the age of 60 10/18/2023 - 10/18/2025

Health Care Purchaser
  Health Care Provider