Beginning FY22 for Subsidiary Districts

FY 22 Guide for Special Districts

Special district trustees and the public can download the booklet, FY 22 Guide for Special Districts – Beginning the New Fiscal Year and Other Topics. This is a very important booklet that each trustee should read. It is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

You should also download and print the Checklist for Sending Documentation at the Beginning of the Fiscal Year (PDF) to help guide you through what needs to done and deadline dates.

Here is the link to a blank Special District Information Form (PDF) if one is needed during FY 22.

The date for filing the documents mentioned in the booklet and checklist: November 30.

Forms and Template for Preparing an Unaudited Financial Statement

Only special districts with current revenues less than $50,000 are allowed to file unaudited financial statements provided the board votes to not have its financial statement audited and sent a letter to the property owners in the district telling them the financial statement will not be audited. The deadline for the board to approve submitting an unaudited financial statement and for sending the letters to the property owners is September 30.

Further instructions can be found in the FY 22 Guide for Special Districts – Beginning the New Fiscal Year and Other Topics.

Tax Collector's Booklet

Download or view the Tax Collector's booklet for special districts found on the Understanding Your Tax Notice page from their site. This covers submitting the tax roll and entering assessment information.


If there are any questions, please email Mary Mahoney, Management and Budget Department, or call her at (813) 272-6599.