Budget Process for Dependent Districts

This web page relates to the FY 20 Special Dependent District Budget Process. The FY 20 Budget Preparation Guide and all the forms needed to submit a complete FY 20 budget package can be viewed and downloaded. Any member of the public can review or download these files.

The complete FY 20 Budget Package is due to the Hillsborough County Management and Budget Department by close of business, June 14, 2019.
Districts are also reminded that State law requires the posting of their proposed FY 20 budgets on the district or County’s website.  

Instructions and Forms for FY 20 Budget Process for Dependent Districts

A complete FY 20 Budget Package consists of the following documents. Those forms that are underlined when you hover your mouse over them can be downloaded. Be sure to save downloaded forms to a computer. Once the forms are completed, save your work and print out the forms for submission to the County.

  1. Cover page - This is in Adobe Acrobat format
  2. Budget and Estimating Fund Balance Forms
    • The FY 20 Budget Form is in the tab labeled "Budget Form" and the Estimating Fund Balance Form is in the tab labeled "Fund Balance"
  3. Capital Outlay Information Form
  4. Budget Resolution
  5. Minutes of the Budget Public Hearing
  6. Actual advertisement from newspaper or affidavit showing ad was placed in legal notices section
  7. Budget Completion Check List Form - Use this form to check for internal consistency in your budget documents 

Budget Amendment Forms

Below are links to forms needed to amend the current year's budget. Please refer to the Budget Preparation Guide for Instructions.

Tax Information and Contacts

The Tax Collector has a booklet called the Special District Program Informational Booklet outlining the policies and procedures pertaining preparing the tax roll. 

For further questions relating to the tax roll, collection and distribution of assessment revenue, contact Anthony Wilkins, Tax & License Supervisor, Hillsborough County Tax Collector's Office, (813) 635-5210 ext. 5475,