Saladino Park Improvements

Project Description:

Design and construct a dog park, associated site improvements such as parking, walkway and stormwater improvements.

Purpose and Need for the Project:

Brandon area residents have asked that a dog park be built for their community area.

Project Cost & Funding:

$700,000 of Parks Central Impact Fee Zone Funds

Project Timeline:

  • Phase I completed
  • Phase II is in planning for doggie turf, refurbishing restrooms and additional fencing

Contact Information:

  • Project Manager - Chris Postiglione (813) 273-3769
    Parks Contact - Kyla Booher, (813) 307-1891

Public Meeting:

On May 23, 2017, during a public meeting for the project, it was found that the community was in favor of a dog park at Saladino Park in the Brandon area.

Additional Information