Northwest Hillsborough Aquifer Recharge Project (NHARP)


In an effort to create a freshwater barrier to salt water intrusion along the coast, and eliminate the discharge of excess reclaimed water to Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County Public Utilities is constructing two reclaimed water recharge wells - a deep injection well, and a monitoring well. The deep injection well, located at the Northwest Dechlor facility, will be approximately 1,200 feet deep and recharge up to 3 millions of gallons of reclaimed water a day.

Purpose and Need for the Project

The work is part of an aquifer recharge program to create a freshwater barrier to salt water intrusion along the coast. This also eliminates the discharge of excess reclaimed water to Tampa Bay, thus helping reduce the amount of nitrogen entering Tampa Bay.

What to Expect Before Construction

  • To protect you and your property, crews will be in the neighborhood videotaping existing conditions. Any areas disturbed by construction will be restored to the pre-construction conditions.
  • You may experience some construction noise and vibrations, while project crews start clearing and grubbing the project site.

What to Expect During Construction

  • Most construction will take place on weekdays between 7 AM to 5 PM, but due to the nature of the project there may be extended work hours
  • The work will involve heavy equipment and excavation, which will generate normal construction noise and vibrations
  • Water and wastewater utilities will not be affected during construction of this project
  • All construction will be on County property
  • Access to your neighborhood will be maintained throughout construction

Cost & Funding

The project costs $3,750,000 and is being funded through the Water Enterprise's Capital Improvement Program.


  • Construction expected to start - July 2017
  • Construction expected to complete - Spring/Summer 2018


  • Customer Service & Support: (813) 272-5275
  • After-Hour Emergencies: Hillsborough County Public Utilities, (813) 209-3032
  • Project Manager: Jim Duncan, Public Utilities, Phone: (813) 612-7766, Email:
  • Engineering Design Firm: Arcadis
  • Construction Company: Southeast Drilling