North Palm River Drinking Water Project


This project provides the North Palm River community (north of Causeway Boulevard, east of 54th St., south of 12th Ave., and west of 70th St.) with access to high-quality drinking water and improves fire protection in the area. Hillsborough County installed more than 5 miles of 6- and 8-inch diameter pipeline and approximately 90 fire hydrants to provide a reliable, affordable supply of drinking water, so the Palm River community can continue to grow and thrive.

Homeowners can now connect to municipal drinking water at a minimal cost thanks to state grants and Public Utilities Improvement Program funding.

Connecting to the County’s water is optional, but Hillsborough County will offer funding support until 5 PM on July 9, 2019, so a homeowner can connect with minimal cost. Homeowners who decide to connect after July 9, 2019, will be responsible for on-site connection costs and other fees, which could exceed $3,800.

How to sign up

To sign up for service, email Public Utilities or call (813) 964-2704.

Cost & Funding

Until 5 PM on June 9, 2019, Hillsborough County will cover the cost of on-site plumbing connections to each home and other associated fees. Homeowners who want to connect will only be responsible for a deposit on the account, a one-time $25 account setup fee plus his or her monthly water bill. Monthly water bills will vary from house to house. The typical monthly bill for a family that uses 7,000 gallons per month is approximately $40 for water only. The water customer deposit is $55 for a homeowner and $90 for a renter. However, the deposit may be waived for those who pass a credit check conducted by the Public Utilities Department’s consumer reporting agency. Please note: a renter can only sign up for a water account if the property owner elects to connect the home to the municipal system.

Non-residential properties can also be connected, but are handled individually to accommodate the specific needs of the new connection. For more information on non-residential accounts, please call George Goodwin, Development Services/Utility Review at (813) 272-5600.

The project’s $14 million design and construction budget is being funded through the County’s Capital Improvement Program. The $2.5 million cost to connect residents to the new mains will be funded through a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Contact Information

  • Hillsborough County Customer Service – (813) 272-5275
  • Construction Information - Alice Ramos, Westra Construction, (863) 797-7202
  • After Hour Emergencies - Hillsborough County Public Utilities, (813) 744-5600

Public Meetings

Past and current public meetings for this project:

  • Jan. 26, 2017
  • Oct. 3, 2017
  • Oct. 24, 2017

Additional Information