Code Enforcement Board / Special Magistrate Information


The Code Enforcement Board (CEB) and the Code Enforcement Special Magistrates (CESM) are quasi-judicial bodies comprised of citizens of unincorporated Hillsborough County, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to serve three year terms, and serve as volunteers with no compensation.

The Code Enforcement Board and Special Magistrates have the same powers and duties and are empowered by Florida Statutes 162 and Hillsborough County Code of Ordinances and Laws, Chapter 14, Article II, Section 14..

At The Hearing

  • All evidence and testimony must be received during the public hearing.
  • All testimony is taken under oath.
  • A case may still be heard in the absence of the violator, provided legal service of the Notice of Hearing has been obtained.
  • The County will present its case, and the violator may then respond.
  • Decision is rendered at the hearing.

After The Hearing

  • The decision is issued as a written order, signed by the Chair, and sent to the violator.
  • The Order states the basic facts of the case, identifies the remedy, and gives the penalty if the violations are not corrected in the time allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of the violator to contact the citing department for a re-inspection when the violations have been corrected.
  • If the violations are not corrected within the time given, a fine per day may be assessed.
  • The order may be recorded in the public record and will constitute a lien against the violator, against the property that is in violation, and against any other real or personal property owned by the violator (Florida Statute 162).
  • The code fines will cease after an inspector confirms that all the violations have been corrected, but any assessed fines and County administrative costs spent to prosecute the case will remain against the violator until satisfied.
  • If compliance is achieved within 90 days of the Order recordation, a request for a fine reduction may be submitted.
  • After 90 days from the Order recordation, the case is sent to the County Attorney's Office for enforcement of the lien.
  • Appeals of the code enforcement orders must be filed in Circuit Court within 30 days from the code board order date.
  • For information on how to appeal, contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court or your legal counsel.

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