Environmental Services

What we do

  • The Environmental Services division maintains regulatory compliance for environmentally permitted, County-owned infrastructure and provides environmental community outreach programs for stormwater protection
  • The division also manages innovation and resiliency objectives for County operations and the Local Mitigation Strategy, a unified multi-jurisdictional mitigation planning process for Hillsborough County, providing coordination and partnership among governmental units, commercial enterprises (industry partners), and citizen groups.
  • Partners with Water Resources to provide environmental sampling and laboratory testing for the water and wastewater systems
  • Partners with Water Resources to provide environmental community outreach and customer programs for water conservation and preventing wastewater system blockages from fats, oils, grease, wipes, and other unflushables

Frequently requested services and information

Contact us

Address: 925 E. Twiggs Street
Tampa, FL 33602

Environmental Services Division Director: Kevin Moran

Phone: (813) 272-5977