Speak at a Meeting

Commissioners set aside a 45 minute period at the beginning of a Regular BOCC meeting to hear from the public. To sign up to speak, please fill out the Public Comment Form at the sign-in table outside the Boardroom. The Chairman will call on speakers by name.  Citizens speaking on scheduled agenda items will be called before those speaking on non-scheduled agenda items. Prioritization is on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Up to three minutes are allowed for each speaker

  • All audiovisual presentations such as Power Points, digital photos, audio, and video files must be submitted to Hillsborough Television (HTV) two (2) calendar days prior to the meeting (by 12:00 p.m. noon on Monday the week of the meeting) for PowerPoint presentations and video clips. Documents and photos to be displayed on the document overhead (ELMO) shall be submitted one (1) calendar day/24 hours prior to the meeting. Visual materials include any visual or textual items that are to be displayed through the audio/visual system irrespective of their specific format or media. This includes, without limitation, photographs, audio and video presentations, charts, computer presentations, computer screen images, posters and flyers, whether in physical or electronic format. Send your presentation to HTVrequest@HCFLGov.net or call (813) 272-5314 to make arrangements. If distributing additional backup materials, please have sufficient copies to include the seven Commissioners, the County Administrator, the County Attorney and two for the Clerk/BOCC (11 copies).