Sign Up to Speak During A Meeting

Click on the the meeting name that you want to participate in, then click the button to go to a page with information for that meeting, as well as a link to an online form to sign-up to speak at that meeting.

If in-person participation is available, the sign-up form will let you choose whether you wish to speak virtually or in-person, otherwise sign-ups are for virtual participation only.

  • Speaker signup forms open for submissions at least 48-hours before the start of each meeting
  • Meetings have specific time limits for each speaker
  • Audiovisual presentations such as PowerPoints, digital photos, audio, and video files for public comments are only accepted for those who are participating in person at meetings that allow in-person public comment
  • Audiovisual presentations are not accepted from those participating virtually. However, presentations may be submitted to the Clerk’s Office for insertion into the official record. Please email any submissions to:
  • Those participating in person and wishing to share audiovisual presentations, must submit their material to Hillsborough Television (HTV) in advance. PowerPoint presentations and video clips must be submitted forty-eight hours (48) prior to the start of the meeting (excluding weekend hours). Documents and photos that will be displayed on the overhead projector (ELMO) shall be submitted twenty-four hours (24) prior to the start of the meeting. Visual materials include any items that are to be displayed through the audio/visual system. This includes, without limitation, photographs, audio and video presentations, charts, computer presentations, computer screen images, posters and flyers, whether in physical or electronic format. Send your presentation to or call (813) 272-5314 to make arrangements.
  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged, though not required. CDC guidance strongly recommends that unvaccinated people and those with weakened immune systems continue to wear masks.
  1. Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Meetings

    I Want to Speak at the Regular BOCC Meeting

  2. BOCC Budget and/or CIP Hearing

    I Want to Speak at the BOCC Budget Hearing

  3. BOCC Land Use Hearing

    I Want to Speak at the BOCC Land Use Hearing

  4. Code Enforcement Board (CEB) Special Magistrate (CESM) Hearings

    This includes the following meeting/hearing types

    • Code Enforcement Board (CEB)
    • Community Codes (Codes)
    • Burglar Alarms, Landscaping & Natural Resource, Water Ordinance, and Fire Marshall (BA, L, W FM)
    • Land Use Appeals Board (LUAB)
    • Red Light Appeals
    • Vehicle for Hire/Tresspass Towing (VFH)

    I Want to Speak at the CEB or CESM Hearing

  5. Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) Hearing

    I Want to Speak at the CPA Hearing

  6. Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) Meeting

    I Want to Speak at the EPC Meeting

  7. Land Development Code (LDC) Meeting

    I want to speak at the LDC Meeting

  8. Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO) Public Hearing

    I Want to Speak at the LUHO Public Hearing

  9. Zoning Hearing Master (ZHM) Public Hearing

    I Want to Speak at the ZHM Public Hearing