Communication Towers on County Land

Telecommunication providers want to make sure that they have sufficient coverage to support all the communication needs for their users. Because of this, we established guidelines for placing communication facilities and towers on land that we own.

How does an FCC-licensed wireless communications provider request to place a communication facility on County-owned land?

They should direct all requests in writing for placement of towers, antennas or other communications infrastructure on County-real estate to: 

Hillsborough County
Facilities Management Services
Attn: County Properties Section Manager- 23rd Floor
P.O. Box 1110
Tampa, Florida 33601

What should they include in the request?

  • Tax folio identification number or address of the land, building or tower for which they are requesting
  • Height of any proposed tower
  • Number of antennas
  • Size of required equipment space
  • The name and information of the provider for which the request is made
    • With authorization of any consultants representing the provider
  • Site plan showing:
    • proposed new tower/antenna installation
    • required equipment space in relation to parcel boundaries
    • abutting properties and their zoning designations
  • A narrative of the project details summarizing required zoning and/or other governmental approvals


For more information, call Facilities Management Services at (813) 307-1002.