Posted September 6, 2019 | 2:12 PM

Dorian Is Gone But the Sandbags Are Still Here. What to Do?

Hillsborough County, Fla. (Sept. 6, 2019) - Hurricane Dorian is no longer threatening Hillsborough County, and the sandbags you so laboriously filled last week are now taking up space in the garage. What to do?

Here's what Hillsborough County recommends:


  • Sand or sandbags that have come into contact with only precipitation, but not floodwater, can be reused without restriction.
  • Keep and store clean sandbags in a dry place so you're prepared for the next storm or potential flooding.
  • If you don't want to keep your sandbags, spread sand on lawns or landscape beds. Place the empty bags in your garbage.


  • Sand or sandbags that have been in contact with floodwater should not be reused in ways that would involve direct human contact, such as sand boxes, gardens, or playgrounds. Floodwaters can be contaminated with sewage, oil, bacteria, or other hazardous materials.
  • Sand or sandbags that are visibly contaminated or you suspect have been contaminated (i.e. sandbags that may have come into contact with raw sewage, industrial chemicals, petroleum products, etc.) should be disposed of at a permitted solid waste collection site/landfill. Starting Nov. 1, residents can dispose of sandbags at no charge at any of the five Community Collection Centers throughout Hillsborough County.
  • Do not dispose of any sand or full sandbags in your regular trash or mix with yard debris.


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